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Old Habits Die Hard

A guy walked into a sandwich shop and the server asked what he would like to order. He said, “What do you have that is good?” The clerk responded that everything is good. The customer then

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Decide, Commit, Succeed

President Dwight Eisenhower was raised on a Kansas farm, and he never forgot its lessons.  In response to a difficult question put to him at the National Press Club, Eisenhower said it reminded him

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March Is Women’s History Month

History will long remember 2021 for many reasons, not the least is the sound of the glass ceiling starting to shatter.  With the swearing-in of Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States,

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Don’t Get Caught in Perception Deception

A bird was searching for a home to lay her eggs so they’d be safe during the coming rainy season. In her search, she saw two trees, so she went to ask them for shelter. When she asked the first tree,

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