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"If you’re considering coming to the Academy, either as be a speaker or an attendee, I have one word for you: growth.

I learned so much about how to grow as a speaker just watching some of the amazing talent that was here. Also as attendee, not just watching their style and learning from them, but I really gained some incredible insight while I was here. So if you’re considering coming to the Academy, either as be a speaker or an attendee I have one word for you: growth. That's what you will get if you come to this event."

Dr. Michael Breus, "The Sleep Doctor"  //  Psychologist, Board Certified Sleep Specialist & Speaker

"From the very first moment we sat down for breakfast I knew that he was a person I would want to spend a lot of time with.

Not only had he been prolific at writing, but just the sheer wisdom of spending time with him, getting lessons he had learned over seven or eight decades was profound. It's very difficult to reduce down to a few seconds what I've learned from him but I will say, of all the people I've been mentored by in my life, he is probably the single most impactful just because he has constant staying power, endless energy, so much positivity, and wisdom he's gained from running his own businesses from writing, from existing, and a lot of different competitive environments, and a just simply works really hard."

Christine Jones  //  Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Former EVP/GC at Go Daddy

"When you talk about Harvey Mackay's training materials, they're second to none.

I thought I hit the mother load, really getting to a high level of success, until I got Harvey Mackay's training materials and realized that I was nowhere near even half way there. So many things I hadn't really thought about. I don't think the hard thing in life is reaching your goals, really the hard thing is resetting them once you've reached them, and I think Harvey's materials really help you get there. They make you realize that there is so much more there, there is so much more to learn and so much more to do. He makes it really easy to do it. If you're on your road to mediocracy, take your time, don't get the Harvey Mackay materials, don't join the Academy. But, if you want to be extraordinary, if you want to reset your goals, if you want to do something great, sign up now."

Brandon Steiner //  CEO of Steiner Sports, Author, Keynote Speaker

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