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Mind Your Ps And Qs

When someone cautions you to mind your Ps and Qs, they’re using an age-old expression to mind your manners, be on your best behavior and watch what you are doing. The precise origin is debatable, but

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Warren Buffett’s 4 Rules For Success

I love to study creative and successful people.  And who better than Warren Buffet, the Omaha multi-billionaire and chairman of Berkshire, Hathaway, Inc. He recently listed the four common-sense

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Priceless Gifts You Can Give

A woman who lived far beyond eight decades had been in the habit of having a birthday party every year.  Her friends and relatives always remembered her with little gifts, usually knick-knacks for

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Turn Adversity Into Advantage

The village blacksmith pumped the bellows to prepare his furnace fire and placed a piece of iron into the intense heat until it reached an almost transparent state.  He then removed the now pliable

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Do Nothing, Get Nothing

Once in a village there were two friends who spent most of their time resting under a tree and thinking about what they should do with their lives. One day they noticed that the women in the village

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The Best Way To Get Lucky Is To Prepare For It

You’re watching a professional golf tournament, and a player sinks a seemingly impossible shot. The announcer might attribute it to luck, but I beg to differ. That golfer has probably worked thousands

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Great Hiring Starts With These Positive Traits

With the job market gradually coming back after a difficult pandemic, smart hiring is at the forefront.  As a manager, you can’t do everything yourself, and you shouldn’t try.   Managers

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Mental toughness is finding fuel on an empty tank

Phil Mickelson recently became the oldest golfer to win one of the four major professional golf championships by taking it one mental stroke at a time. Confidence and the physical part of golf has

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The Art Of Negotiating

Perhaps the most stressful part of any deal is the negotiation process that leads to a signature on the dotted line.  Whether you are the buyer or seller, skillful negotiating is an art that must

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Explore Your Hidden Talents

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Jr. learned a valuable lesson at age 15 that shaped his life and may shape yours. According to a story in “Bits & Pieces,” he spent a month working on an archaeological

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