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Avoid Bad Habits Of Self-Defeating People

A reckless driver made a right turn from the left lane and collided with another car.  The other driver angrily asked, “Why didn’t you signal?” Without a moment’s hesitation, the driver replied,

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It’s Never Too Late To Appreciate

Once upon a time there was a little dog that was unhappy with his life.  As he lay in his backyard, he spotted a cat on top of a wall.  “I wish I could climb walls like that cat!” he thought. Walking

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Be Inspired To Be Your Best Self

I recently came across this wonderful poem by Nancye Sims, “A Creed to Live By.”  It captures life’s challenges in a very inspirational fashion, and I hope you learn as much from it as I have. Don’t

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Tips To Overcome Hiring Struggle

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a battle going on across America.  It’s a battle to attract workers amid nationwide staff shortages. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has termed this a “national

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Make Customer Service An Everyday Occurrence

Comedy writer Bob Orben had an interesting take on customer service:  “You go to a coin-operated store and wash and dry your clothes.  Then you go to a filling station where you pump your

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There’s No Telling Where Initiative Will Take You

Two sons worked for their father on the family’s farm. The younger brother had for some years been given more responsibility and reward, and one day the older brother asked his father to explain

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Kids’ Sports Hold Lessons For Business

Watching a kids’ ball game can provide a mini life lesson for observers.  The takeaway also applies to business.  Astute observers can learn a lot by watching kids play. My Chief of Staff

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Mind Your Ps And Qs

When someone cautions you to mind your Ps and Qs, they’re using an age-old expression to mind your manners, be on your best behavior and watch what you are doing. The precise origin is debatable, but

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Warren Buffett’s 4 Rules For Success

I love to study creative and successful people.  And who better than Warren Buffet, the Omaha multi-billionaire and chairman of Berkshire, Hathaway, Inc. He recently listed the four common-sense

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Priceless Gifts You Can Give

A woman who lived far beyond eight decades had been in the habit of having a birthday party every year.  Her friends and relatives always remembered her with little gifts, usually knick-knacks for

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