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Great Hiring Starts With These Positive Traits

With the job market gradually coming back after a difficult pandemic, smart hiring is at the forefront.  As a manager, you can’t do everything yourself, and you shouldn’t try.   Managers

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Mental toughness is finding fuel on an empty tank

Phil Mickelson recently became the oldest golfer to win one of the four major professional golf championships by taking it one mental stroke at a time. Confidence and the physical part of golf has

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The Art Of Negotiating

Perhaps the most stressful part of any deal is the negotiation process that leads to a signature on the dotted line.  Whether you are the buyer or seller, skillful negotiating is an art that must

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Explore Your Hidden Talents

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Jr. learned a valuable lesson at age 15 that shaped his life and may shape yours. According to a story in “Bits & Pieces,” he spent a month working on an archaeological

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What were you thinking?

American novelist James Lane Allen had long been impressed by the ancient philosophy that a man becomes what he thinks, that a man’s character is the outward expression of his inward thoughts. He

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Don’t Let Incompetence Become Your Titanic

The Titanic was state-of-the art.  No expense had been spared to make sure that it would be unsinkable.  The officers were unconcerned by their inability to get accurate information on possible

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Knocking Down Imaginary Walls

In a research experiment, a marine biologist placed a shark into a large holding tank and then released several small bait fish into the tank.  The shark quickly swam around the tank, attacked and

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Sailing The Cs Of Life

I wrote a chapter in my recent book – “You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet!” – on “The Seven Cs of Success.”  They included:  clarity, competence, constraints, concentration, creativity, courage

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Start Caring About Apathy

A newspaper reporter secured an exclusive interview with the devil and was especially interested in the deceptive techniques the devil used to build his reputation.  He asked, “What is the most

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Big Dance, Big Lessons

I love sports and all the business lessons we learn from competition, whether playing or watching.  It doesn’t matter what sport or what level, there are always multiple teaching moments. The

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