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Harvey Mackay has had more impact on me than any other human being in business or in my personal life...

...and I can say that because he’s impacted my business and personal life. Harvey Mackay’s training is very tactical, practical. He teaches you how to do the step by step. It’s not theory, it’s knee skinning, bloody nose, crawling in the streets, “street smarts,” and what I’ve learned from him, and probably the most important tactic I learned is, fight like hell to be #2, it’s too hard to be #1, but be #2 wherever you can with prospects because #1 may not pull through, #1 may go away, #1 may disappoint, #1 may die, and then eventually you’ll become #1 after that.

Alex Mandossian  //  Founder & CEO of

Harvey Mackay told us all that should buckle our seatbelts and I’m so glad that he did.

Between the legendary speakers that Harvey brought to the stage as well as all the entrepreneurs from across the world, I had a great two days to be able to figure out how to get clear on the path that I’m taking in my life and in my career. I believe, from something I learned a long time ago, that motivation can be fleeting, and one of the best ways to remedy that is to surround yourself with people who are in the pursuit of excellence. So if you decide to attend the Harvey Mackay Academy, I can tell you the exact same thing that Harvey told us, and that is to buckle your seatbelt as well.

Jack Arbour  //  Founder & President of J.M. Arbour Wealth Management

If you’re considering coming to the Academy, either as be a speaker or an attendee, I have one word for you: growth.

I learned so much about how to grow as a speaker just watching some of the amazing talent that was here. Also as attendee, not just watching their style and learning from them, but I really gained some incredible insight while I was here. So if you’re considering coming to the Academy, either as be a speaker or an attendee I have one word for you: growth. That's what you will get if you come to this event.

Dr. Michael Breus, "The Sleep Doctor"  //  Psychologist, Board Certified Sleep Specialist & Speaker

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