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Don’t Be Boring!

In a classic “Peanuts” cartoon, Charlie Brown says to Lucy, “I have a great fear of being boring.” Then in the next frame Charlie says, “I also have a great fear of being bored.” Finally,

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You’ll Never Strike Out With These Baseball Lessons

With the baseball season in full swing (pun intended!), it’s time to salute America’s pastime. And in recognition of April being National Humor Month, I’m sharing some of my favorite classic stories

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Lessons in Life and Business

In every speech that I give, every column I write, every person or group that I mentor, my goal is to leave my audience with plenty of take-home value. I could teach from a textbook, and give lots

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The ABCs of Customer Service

Whatever business you are in – manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, high tech – you must realize that first and foremost, you are in the service business. We all know how we like to be treated

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