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Kind Words Are The Music Of The World

A teacher asked her young pupils to tell about their acts of kindness to animals.  After several heart-stirring stories, the teacher asked Tommy if he had anything to add.  He replied rather proudly,

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Words Of Wisdom From Successful People

With a new influx of college graduates hitting the job market, I thought it would be a good time to share some advice.  I started working when I was just 12 years old, with my first newspaper route,

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Talk is cheap, but misunderstandings can be costly

A new young worker at a construction site sat down to eat his lunch with the rest of the crew.  As an older fellow opened his thermos to pour out coffee the young worker asks, “What’s that?” The

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Time Is Of The Essence

A major league batter has approximately two-fifths of a second from the time a baseball leaves the pitcher’s hand until it reaches home plate.  In that split second, the batter must attempt to

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