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Sales Are Critical To A Company’s Success

“I’m starving, and it’s Dave’s fault,” a manager complained to his assistant. “What did Dave do now?” the assistant asked. “I asked him to pick up a sandwich for me before he returned

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Lessons from Animals

In the Upper Midwest, a sure sign of spring and fall is when geese fly overhead, often honking loudly.  I recently discovered the reason. Turns out that Professor Margaret Kuhn’s research revealed

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Use Your Head To Open Doors

We have gone from one of the lowest unemployment rates in our history to one of the highest in recent memory in just the past couple of months due to the pandemic.  While many of these jobs will

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Creativity Has No Limits

There are only three pure colors – red, blue and yellow – but look at what Michelangelo did with those three colors.  There are only seven notes, but look at what Chopin, Beethoven and Vivaldi

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