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Teamwork Makes Work Better

Even after playing together for more than 50 years, the Rolling Stones still understand the value of practicing together.  The band commits to two months of rehearsal before every tour, according

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Nothing Truly Great Ever Happens Without Enthusiasm

I am often asked to name the single most important quality of a great salesperson.  I usually say it’s three things: Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter. Bottom line: all great sales

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SCAMPER Your Way To Creative Solutions

In the beginning it was the button.  Then came the zipper.  And then came velcro.  How? The ubiquitous “touch fastener” was invented about 40 years ago by a Swiss engineer named George

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Sports prepare women for life, business

I attended a virtual panel presentation recently in Minneapolis about women in sports, which highlighted the important benefits of participation. One of the panelists cited a study that discovered

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