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Create A Mindset For Success

Like millions of Americans, I watched the 10-part ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” on Michael Jordan.  His mental toughness and mindset really stood out throughout the series. Jordan was

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The ABCs Of Management

As I began this list of management ABCs, I was determined not to confuse management with leadership.  There are leaders at all levels, whether we identify them with a special title or simply recognize

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Disappointment Is A Feeling That Always Disappoints

One afternoon a boy was walking through a field when he came upon an apple tree.  “It sure would be nice to have an apple to eat right about now,” he thought as he stood below the tree. The

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Hate, anger lead to danger

Like an old barn, many of us have been around a long time.  We’ve withstood a lot of life’s storms, bad weather and hard times, but we’re still standing, even though we find ourselves leaning

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Ambition Put A Ladder To The Sky

U.S. President Calvin Coolidge was very skillful at turning away any questions he didn’t like.  However, in 1928, after Coolidge issued his famous “I do not choose to run” statement, a persistent

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