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The Power Of Joy

During the holidays we are surrounded with messages about the power of joy.  But why is joy looked at as only a seasonal thing?  I think it should be lived year-round, and not just outside your

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You Are A Gift To Others

There is an old Chinese story about a woman who lost her only son and went to the holy man in her village and asked, “What mystic powers do you have that will lift the pain from my heart?” “There

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No One Ever Drowned In Sweat

An old ranch owner named John had a small spread in Montana.  The state government claimed he was not paying proper wages to his workers, so it sent an agent to check things out. “I need a list

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Take Your Attitude On A Positive Spin

One day a professor announced a surprise test.  He distributed a paper to each student with the front side face down.  Then he asked the class to turn over the page and start the test, but there

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Achievement Takes More Than A Dream

A scrawny old man wanted to get a job at a nearby lumberjack camp so he approached the boss who politely tried to talk him out of the idea, thinking the old man wouldn’t be able to fell a tree, much

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