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Mind Your Ps And Qs

When someone cautions you to mind your Ps and Qs, they’re using an age-old expression to mind your manners, be on your best behavior and watch what you are doing. The precise origin is debatable, but

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Warren Buffett’s 4 Rules For Success

I love to study creative and successful people.  And who better than Warren Buffet, the Omaha multi-billionaire and chairman of Berkshire, Hathaway, Inc. He recently listed the four common-sense

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Priceless Gifts You Can Give

A woman who lived far beyond eight decades had been in the habit of having a birthday party every year.  Her friends and relatives always remembered her with little gifts, usually knick-knacks for

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Turn Adversity Into Advantage

The village blacksmith pumped the bellows to prepare his furnace fire and placed a piece of iron into the intense heat until it reached an almost transparent state.  He then removed the now pliable

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Do Nothing, Get Nothing

Once in a village there were two friends who spent most of their time resting under a tree and thinking about what they should do with their lives. One day they noticed that the women in the village

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