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In every speech that I give, every column I write, every person or group that I mentor, my goal is to leave my audience with plenty of take-home value. I could teach from a textbook, and give lots

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The ABCs of Customer Service

Whatever business you are in – manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, high tech – you must realize that first and foremost, you are in the service business. We all know how we like to be treated

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Arguments Help Innovation, Decision-Making

I was struck by an article in “Bits & Pieces” about how the Wright brothers argued every decision ferociously – so much so that acquaintances wondered how they could keep working together. It

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One-Sided Relationships: Doomed to Fail

Mackay Maxim: It’s great to be liked. You’ll have a network you can always use. Once. It’s even greater to be needed. You’ll have a network you can always use. Period. A strong network is critical

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Be a Customer Service Superstar

As everyone who is in business knows, the customer is always right. The customer who isn’t always right is also not your customer. I’ve yet to see a business that can survive without customers. I

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Greg Williams: Legendary Leader Interview with Harvey Mackay

Watch on YouTube Cliff Jones: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m Cliff Jones, cofounder and managing partner of Harvey Mackay Academy. And if you’re watching this on youtube or catching

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Why You Need a Network More Than Ever in Today’s Job Market

Mackay’s Maxim: No matter how smart you are, no matter how talented, you can’t do it alone. The job market has seriously changed over the last fifty years. Gone are the days where a high school

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Creativity Killers Can Kill Your Business

Creative ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Those ideas often involve taking a risk or challenging conventional thinking. And that can be daunting to those who are perfectly satisfied

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Gale Glassner: Legendary Leader Interview

Watch on YouTube Cliff Jones: Hello everybody. I’m Cliff Jones, cofounder, managing partner Harvey Mackay Academy. And I am really excited to bring to you today one of my favorite human

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Optimism is Sunshine for the Soul

Joe, a golfer, joined three people at a golf course to make up the foursome. The three friends teed off, but when Joe hit his first shot, it went directly into the trees. The trio suggested he play a

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