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Make Customer Service An Everyday Occurrence

Comedy writer Bob Orben had an interesting take on customer service:  “You go to a coin-operated store and wash and dry your clothes.  Then you go to a filling station where you pump your

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Make The Mackay 33 Work For Individuals And Teams

A highly successful basketball coach took over as coach of a struggling university team. During the first day of practice, the coach sat all the players down and asked them how close and tight they were

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Customer Service Always Matters

A man entered a shoe repair shop and said to the owner, “I just found this claim ticket for a pair of shoes I dropped off … 10 years ago.” “Oh my,” the shopkeeper chuckled.  “Let me

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The ABCs of Customer Service

Whatever business you are in – manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, high tech – you must realize that first and foremost, you are in the service business. We all know how we like to be treated

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Be a Customer Service Superstar

As everyone who is in business knows, the customer is always right. The customer who isn’t always right is also not your customer. I’ve yet to see a business that can survive without customers. I

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