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Customer Service Always Matters

A man entered a shoe repair shop and said to the owner, “I just found this claim ticket for a pair of shoes I dropped off … 10 years ago.” “Oh my,” the shopkeeper chuckled.  “Let me

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Celebrate Work On Labor Day

Of all the years to celebrate the true meaning of Labor Day, certainly this year has given us many reasons.  Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that employment in 2019 is running

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Look for Ways to Hand out Praise

The Duke of Wellington, the brilliant British military leader who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, was a great commander but he was a difficult man to serve under. He was a demanding perfectionist who complimented

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Get Ahead In Your Job With These Basics

An executive was having difficulty with her assistant, so she decided to confront her shoddy performance. “Nancy,” she began, “you don’t seem to be into your work. The letters you type are

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4 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employee Network

Mackay Maxim: Don’t worry that your customers aren’t being properly recognized. If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competition is. Appreciation is often sought but rarely given. That Mackay

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