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It’s Never Too Late To Appreciate

Once upon a time there was a little dog that was unhappy with his life.  As he lay in his backyard, he spotted a cat on top of a wall.  “I wish I could climb walls like that cat!” he thought. Walking

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In Praise of Healthcare Pros

Seems like every conversation these days begins with “How are you doing?” or “Are you managing to keep busy during lockdown?”  And ends with “Stay safe!” Those questions have taken

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Gratitude Is A Winning Attitude

2020 has presented challenges for all of us, not the least of which is wondering if life will ever return to normal.  It’s been tough sometimes to be grateful for much, considering what is happening

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Life Lessons From Grandma Ruth

During this season of Thanksgiving, I’m going to take a detour from business advice and focus instead on gratitude.  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to get to know a remarkable woman

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Don’t Forget To Thank A Teacher

One day a teacher asked her class, “Can anyone give me a sentence with an ‘object’ in it?” A little girl said, “Teacher, you’re the most wonderful and beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.”  The

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