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Start Caring About Apathy

A newspaper reporter secured an exclusive interview with the devil and was especially interested in the deceptive techniques the devil used to build his reputation.  He asked, “What is the most

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No One Ever Drowned In Sweat

An old ranch owner named John had a small spread in Montana.  The state government claimed he was not paying proper wages to his workers, so it sent an agent to check things out. “I need a list

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Nothing Truly Great Ever Happens Without Enthusiasm

I am often asked to name the single most important quality of a great salesperson.  I usually say it’s three things: Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter. Bottom line: all great sales

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Make Your Bucket List The Story Of Your Life

You might recall the popular movie “The Bucket List,” in which two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.  The movie

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The Person Who Hesitates is Lost

“I need you to go out to the orchard and pick a basketful of apples,” the mother instructed her young daughter.  “Just walk row by row and pick the prettiest ones.  There are plenty on

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Being Too Tough On Yourself

We all try to do our best, at least most of the time.  And when we don’t succeed, often we are our own harshest critics.  But if you never give yourself a break, even doing your best is never going

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