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Nothing Truly Great Ever Happens Without Enthusiasm

I am often asked to name the single most important quality of a great salesperson.  I usually say it’s three things: Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter.Hungry fighter. Bottom line: all great sales

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Sales Are Critical To A Company’s Success

“I’m starving, and it’s Dave’s fault,” a manager complained to his assistant. “What did Dave do now?” the assistant asked. “I asked him to pick up a sandwich for me before he returned

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Calling Sales Phone Users

More and more people are working from home in the midst of this current national emergency.  Between their computers and phones, an incredible amount of business is being conducted.  Now more

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Jazz Up Your Sales Strategy

For some time a storekeeper had displayed in his window a card inscribed “Fishing Tickle.” A customer drew the proprietor’s attention to the spelling error.  “Hasn’t anyone told

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Daniel Burrus: Legendary Leader Interview

Watch on YouTube Cliff Jones: Morning everybody. Cliff Jones, co-founder, managing partner of Harvey Mackay Academy and today we have a very special guest. We have the author and world-class thought

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Lee Salz: Legendary Leader Interview

Watch on YouTube Cliff Jones: Hello everybody, I’m Cliff Jones, co-founder and managing partner at Harvey Mackay Academy, and we are thrilled to have with us today Lee Salz who is leading

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