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Sailing The Cs Of Life

I wrote a chapter in my recent book – “You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet!” – on “The Seven Cs of Success.”  They included:  clarity, competence, constraints, concentration, creativity, courage

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Start Caring About Apathy

A newspaper reporter secured an exclusive interview with the devil and was especially interested in the deceptive techniques the devil used to build his reputation.  He asked, “What is the most

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Big Dance, Big Lessons

I love sports and all the business lessons we learn from competition, whether playing or watching.  It doesn’t matter what sport or what level, there are always multiple teaching moments. The

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Always Hire An Expert

When the office photocopies began to look faint, the office manager called in a local repair service.  The friendly technician inspected the equipment and informed the manager that the machine was

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Build Trust To Build Results

On the first day his son joined the family firm, the founder took him on to the roof of the factory building and said, “I am going to give you your very first lesson in business.  Stand on the

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