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Mackay Maxim: Don’t worry that your customers aren’t being properly recognized. If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competition is.

Appreciation is often sought but rarely given. That Mackay Maxim above may be talking about your customer base, but your customers are not the only ones who deserve appreciation. Your colleagues within your network may receive updates, gifts, and cards from you regularly – but what about your employees?

The people you work with every day can be easy to overlook if you’re a higher-up. Chances are, you spend much of your day dealing with high-level operations, relying on your supervisory staff to do the groundwork. That’s completely understandable – in fact, that’s how the overwhelming majority of businesses operate.

However, you should always show due appreciation for your employees whenever you can. Here are four of my favorite ways to show my employees that I appreciate their contributions.

Send a Regular Newsletter

One of the best ways to boost employee morale is to send out a periodic newsletter. This publication can run weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, depending on your organization’s capacity and size. The most important factor to remember is that your newsletter should be sent out regularly – too many company newsletter initiatives fizzle out after the first few issues.

Your company newsletter is a fantastic resource for customers and employees alike. Use your newsletter to:

  • Highlight major company changes and current operations
  • Advertise upcoming events and holidays
  • Highlight some of your employees’ top accomplishments
  • Profile one employee per month to showcase their contributions
  • Publish personal messages and letters from the CEO
  • … and so much more!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to company newsletters, just keep them professional and uplifting. Your employees will be excited to know if their work has made it into the newspaper, and many will compete for a profile.

Don’t Forget the Gifts

You send your network connections gifts during the holidays and for special occasions in order to maintain your relationship. You should practice the same technique with your employees. While it may be impossible to send every employee a personal gift, the following strategies can help you give back to your employees in a sustainable manner:

  • For birthdays, create a budget for a cake and a company card to have at lunchtime.
  • Buy coffee and donuts (or a healthier alternative) for holidays and special occasions.
  • Write a personal thank-you card to employees on their birthdays or work anniversaries.
  • Take the company out for dinner or drinks every once in a while, just to say thanks.

Plan Special Events

Another way to show appreciation for your workforce is to plan special events, banquets, and dinners in their honor. You can host an annual Christmas party or foundation celebration. You can also plan company picnics, bonding activities, and other special outings for community-building purposes. You can also consider hosting an annual awards night to show your appreciation for each employee and recognize the year’s hard work. Special company events for your employees will show them that you appreciate their work deeply.

Remember to Say Thank You

Something that even the best of us forget is the power of a simple thank-you. If your employees feel underappreciated, they will not perform as well as they would if they knew how much you care for them. Always sign off any email or conversation with a thank-you – these simple messages of gratitude will go a long way.

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