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Just for fun, I reread the recent columns I’ve written during the past few years. It’s a practice I find very helpful: identifying trends, examining the topics that are reader favorites, and looking for ideas for the years ahead.

Here’s my favorite part: reading the morals and reflecting on the messages they leave for the reader. When I sum up these lessons, I want to make sure the take-home value will benefit everyone from the first job holders to the seasoned pros. Here are some of the lessons I hope will stick with you.

Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.

Overcoming procrastination helps your to-do list become your all-done list

When you expand your network, you expand your opportunities.

Short speeches often deliver big messages.

If you want them to show you the money, you better show them the reason.

“Thank you” is always a welcome message.

A good decision is the best thing you’ll ever make.

Mistakes can be steppingstones to success.

Smiles never go up in price nor down in value.

If it’s worth doing, do it now!

When you meet temptation, turn to the right.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you; let them show the best of you.

If truth stands in your way, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Common courtesy should never be an uncommon practice.

Worry is wasting today’s time to clutter up tomorrow’s opportunities with yesterday’s troubles.

How you handle adversity says a lot about how you will handle success.

Putting profit before principle is always bad business.

The person who does not look ahead remains behind.

Creativity, not necessity, is the true mother of invention.

The only person who can limit your potential is you.

Don’t be afraid to dream big – be afraid not to.

Your reputation depends on your past and determines your future.

The ability to think on your feet can prevent you from falling on your face.

Optimists don’t care whether the glass is half-full or half-empty – they know they can refill the glass!

It’s not about what you can do; it’s about what you will do.

You can learn from experience – yours or someone else’s.

If you are too busy to be kind, you are too busy.

You can’t beat the competition if you don’t compete.

Showing respect is not a sign of weakness – it’s a show of strength.

Don’t just make a sale, make a customer and a friend.

Honesty is not just the best policy – it should be your only policy.

Creativity has no script; it is inspired ad libbing.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Humble pie is nourishment for a big ego.

Get a lock on loyalty – it’s one of the keys to success.

Be careful not to let your perceptions be based on deceptions.

Getting something done is an accomplishment; getting something done right is an achievement.

The future belongs to the person who knows how to wait.

The world’s work is done every day by people who could have stayed in bed …. but didn’t.

For positive results, hire positive people.

A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

Build bridges, not barriers.

Trust is a must or else you’ll go bust.

Good habits are as addictive as bad habits and a lot more rewarding.

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Don’t just leave well enough alone – leave it better!

No risk, no success. Know risk, know success.

Mental toughness is what separates champions from near champions

Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to.

The future belongs to those who are prepared for it.

It is wiser to choose what you say than say what you choose.

There are many formulas for success – but none of them work unless you do.

If you want life’s best, see to it that life gets your best.

Mackay’s Moral: A few little words can teach big lessons.

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