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How to Create Your Own Lucky Break

Mackay Maxim: It takes years to become an overnight success. Finding your way to the top takes more than dumb luck and chance.You need persistence, resourcefulness, and patience – and the ability

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7 Tips to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone & Start Networking

Mackay’s Maxim: The more you exercise your networking muscles, the stronger they get – and the easier networking becomes. While some people are born socializers, not everyone is so lucky. Chances

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The 4 Best Places (Outside of Work) to Expand Your Network

Mackay Maxim: Even if you didn’t go to a school with an effective alumni network, you can always tap into your hobbies for new connections. In order to successfully grow your network, you need to

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Prepare to Win, Prepare to Dazzle: The Art of Networking

Mackay Maxim: Prepare to win. Prepare to dazzle. Preparing properly for networking opportunities beforehand can give you the edge to make that first impression – and create a valuable connection.

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10 Reasons You Need to Start Networking Today

Mackay Maxim: If you don’t think you need a network after reading this list, then go back and read it again Networking is a core skill when it comes to every aspect of life, whether it’s furthering

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