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Warren Buffett’s 4 Rules For Success

I love to study creative and successful people.  And who better than Warren Buffet, the Omaha multi-billionaire and chairman of Berkshire, Hathaway, Inc. He recently listed the four common-sense

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Always Hire An Expert

When the office photocopies began to look faint, the office manager called in a local repair service.  The friendly technician inspected the equipment and informed the manager that the machine was

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Business Lessons From Pandemic

Harvard Business School surveyed 600 CEOs recently and asked them what keeps them awake at night during this global pandemic.  The results found that almost every aspect of doing business must be

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How To Turn Your Company Into A Learning Organization

A Marine corporal was driving a benefits specialist from base to base delivering lectures on life insurance, according to a story in “Reader’s Digest.”  After listening to a dozen of these

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You Haven’t Hit Your Peak Yet!

For 25-plus years I’ve had a Post-It note on my bathroom mirror that simply states, “You haven’t hit your peak yet!”  I’ve looked at that message every single day.  So when I was wracking

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