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Mackay Maxim: If you don’t think you need a network after reading this list, then go back and read it again

Networking is a core skill when it comes to every aspect of life, whether it’s furthering your career or offering someone help when they need it. If you don’t think you need to network, then these benefits will help convince you otherwise.

1. Strength in Numbers

As individuals, we can only do so much. With a network on your side, your impact is multiplied by those you surround yourself with.

2. A Source of Feedback

The key to doing anything well is to practice, but how do you know when your practice has been effective? Your network can give you feedback on performances, presentations, writing, and anything else you need.

3. Understand the Competition

If you’re in business, it’s essential to know how the competition is doing – and your network can help keep you in the loop. If the time comes when you need to switch job prospects, knowing about the competition can give you an in for your next opportunity.

4. Gain Access to Other Networks

When you network, you gain the connections that your network has, expanding your connections nearly indefinitely.

5. Global Connection

Your network should not be limited to those within your zip code, state or country. Thanks to the internet, it’s become simple to network with people around the world. With connections like that, you can enrich your experience if you get the opportunity to travel.

6. Experiences and Knowledge

Many of us operate in our own realms of hobbies, interests, and businesses. Well, everyone in your network has their own interests, too. By connecting with others, you have a way to learn and experience things you may not have done otherwise.

7. You Can Help Others

Helping others can be incredibly rewarding, and networking enables you to do just that. The more people you have in your network, the more opportunities you may have to collect for a fundraiser the higher the chance that you know someone who can help someone else get a job they’re looking for.

8. Job Security

Having the right people in your network allows you to keep an eye out for new job opportunities. The bigger your network, the bigger chance you have at discovering your next position, whether it’s inside your immediate network or not.

9. Improve Your Social Clout

Your network can help you in numerous ways, and when you maintain good connections across your network, those people will vouch for you. While it takes time to keep your relationships in good standing, it’s well worth the benefits.

10. Expand Your Financial Reach

Networking can give you the opportunity to not only receive financial help when you need it, but it can also help you barter – which is especially helpful for businesses. With strong connections, you become someone reliable and worthy of monetary assistance.

The value of a network can be nearly indefinite if you put the effort into it – and these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for why you should start networking as soon as possible.

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